Places of Interest in Morocco

A first-class subculture shock awaits you as you arrive in Morocco. It is as culturally prosperous as it is geographically numerous and cannot fail to impress. Visiting some of its cities and villages and experiencing the generosity of its human beings will go away you hooked, as I was, by way of the Arabic experience.




Fez is the bustling cultural and religious centre of Morocco.


The predominant appeal is the Medieval Medina in the vibrant historical city, which has been continually inhabited on account that the tenth century. It is busy with historically dressed Moroccans, and wealthy with the noise of shopping for and selling, veiled ladies going about their work and bell-ringing water sellers.


A guided tour is the best way to handle the buzzing hive that is usual Fez. Still, if you are brave, you can negotiate the tiny alleyways, too slender for vehicles at the same time as risking getting misplaced and then haggling with a neighbourhood to be guided lower back out!


The Tanneries: A go to to the souks will lead to a go-to to Fez’s well-known tanneries, the place one of the oldest arts in the world is practised to produce the smooth leather-based do attribute of Morocco.


You’ll want a robust belly for the smells given off at some stage in curing, while you seem to be down on the charming tanners’ yard and its extraordinary vats of distinctive coloured dyes and piles of skins. Open 9-6, admission free.


ViewPoint: The quality vantage factor over the historical walled town is from the ruined Merenid Tombs on a hilltop to the east of the city. From right here you can see the skyline with its profusion of satellite tv for pc dishes, and a regularly occurring mass of palaces, green-roofed holy places, the tanneries, as nicely as the adjoining Karaouine Mosque.


Moulay Idris’s ll: In the depths of the historic town sits the shrine that homes the stays of the founder of the metropolis of Fez, Moulay Idriss II.  It is one of the holiest constructions in the city.  Non-Muslims may also no longer enter; however, you can glimpse inner to see the saint’s tomb, which is received steady devotional visits from companies of the female who burn candles and incense.




Walking via the alleyways and souks of Marrakech, mainly in the Medina of the historic city, it is effortless to trust you have been transported returned in time to the “Arabian Nights”.


It is this captivating temper that brings hundreds of sightseers to the most visited of Moroccan cities.

The Medina is characterised by way of a lot of noise, the hustle and bustle with tradesmen and craftsmen going about their everyday duties of material dying, copper beating or leather-based working, as nicely as herbalists, perfumers and slipper makers.


Snow-covered peaks of the High Atlas Mountains structure a stunning backdrop for the city, even though they are regularly hidden with the aid of the warmth haze.


Djemaa el-Fna: two In the coronary heart of the Medina.  It is an irregular ‘square’, and a hub of motion the place vacationers flock to soak up the busy atmosphere. two Tourism, though, has now not spoilt, however alternatively brought to the whole picture.


Marrakesh has a current facet with its luxurious hotels, banks and streets bursting with motor scooters, while it blends without difficulty with the previous of the historic city.


Marrakech was once centred in 1062 by way of Youssef bin Tachfine of the Almoravide dynasty, and his son perfected the town by means of bringing in architects and Andalucian craftsmen from Córdoba to construct palaces, baths, mosques and a subterranean water system. The metropolis partitions had been raised from the purple mud from the plains.


Horse-drawn carriages: Known as calèches, are one of the excellent approaches to view the metropolis when you are no longer on foot exploring in the Medina.


Koutoubia Mosque: This is the city’s most important landmark and the sixty-nine-metre excessive minaret towers over the labyrinth of streets and markets in the Medina. The pink stone mosque was once first constructed in 1147 however it used to be knocked down and rebuilt in 1199 due to the fact it used to be had no longer been constructed successfully aligned with Mecca. The mosque is massive adequate for lots to pray in.


Djemaa el-Fna: two This giant city rectangular translated as “Square fo the Dead”.  The rectangular affords a vibrant scene and is a magnet performing an artist snake charmers, musicians, storytellers and healers, all vying for attention. Passing tradesmen provide something from boiled snails, vegetable soup and kebabs to sparkling orange juice. There are many cafés right here from which to watch the busy scene, and from the place, you may also then go to the souks to locate some colour from the searing Moroccan sun.


Dar Si Saïd Museum: The Museum is housed in a palace on the Riad Ezzitoun El Jadid and indicates the arts, crafts and lifestyle of the Berber people, consisting of shows of some Moorish cedar timber furniture, difficult door and window frames and artefacts from each day lifestyles in the Sahara desert. Open 8.30-11.45 and 2.30-5.45 besides Tuesdays. Admission Dh20


Saadian Tombs: Built in the late sixteenth century, this stunning necropolis has sixty six lavishly embellished indoor tombs.  The central mausoleum has an excessive vaulted roof which is noticeably ornate, inclusive of carved cedar panels and Italian marble columns.  Open 9.00-11.45 and 2.30-5.50 besides Tuesdays. Admission Dh15


Around Marrakesh


Oukaimeden: A ski lodge in the wasteland with camels as a substitute of ski lifts! Yes, thick snow envelops the Jabal Oukaimeden mountain height at some point of the wintry weather months (usually January and February), and it is simply a 46-mile (74km) pressure from Marrakech. The city can be reached via taxi or automobile and is properly outfitted for skiers looking for restaurants, ski tools hire, and relaxed inns inside an attractive alpine setting.


Ouirgane:  A village in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains about 1 ½ hour’s force from Marrakesh. It is a famous region to visit, the place summers are cooler, and winters are much less harsh. The Berber villages are mesmerising even asset in forests with wildflowers, together with the well-known rose gardens, fruit bushes and streams cascading from the High Atlas.


Essaouira: This famous motel city dates from the 18th century, and is without problems reached through bus from Marrakech. The city is surrounded by way of a fortified wall and faces the sea. The seaside is a wide, beautiful stretch with surprisingly whitewashed houses, boat-builders’ workshops and artwork galleries. Visitors come for the laid-back ecosystem and the excessive wind that makes it a very famous centre for wind- and kite-surfing.


Essaouira is additionally well-known for its timber carving tradition, often the use of local, aromatic Thuya wood. The harbour is a hive of undertaking at all times, especially for the duration of the everyday fish auction, attracting as many onlookers as customers and sellers.


Agadir: Is an essential seaside lodge south of Marrakech. It is new and present-day with remarkable sandy beaches. Its “newness” is mostly due to an uncharacteristic earthquake that shook the city in 1961, and it has now been re-modelled as a famous package deal excursion vacation spot as nicely as an essential fishing port. Agadir boasts 300 days of sunshine, and a large provide of motel beds, apparently a quarter of the whole in Morocco.




Morocco’s capital metropolis is in general current with wide, conservative boulevards, gardens and giant blocks of flats. The king lives right here in a lovely palace surrounded by bushes and flowers.


Despite having a wealthy records relationship again to the seventh century, Rabat is some distance cry from the tense backstreets of Fez and Marrakech. However, the historical section of the town has a Medina and a Kasbah.

Rabat is positioned on the Atlantic coastal plain, contrary its twin metropolis of Sale, and it is close to some stunning sandy beaches.


Rabat’s Dar Es Salaam Golf Course is world-renowned.


Kasbah des Oudaïas: two A Kasbah is a “village inside a city” and is a true region to take in the points of interest of the city. It is guarded with the aid of the outstanding arched gate constructed in 1195. The Palace and Andalucian gardens and the terrace offer stunning views from the Kasbah mosque, over the river and sea. The Palace Museum and gardens date again to the seventeenth century. The museum homes Moroccan artwork such as Berber jewellery, costumes and carpets.


Citadel of Chellah: Located in the new city of Rabat, the ruins of Chellah, as soon as a Roman port, furnish interesting sightseeing. Just internal the gate are Roman ruins courting from 200 BC, which consists of a forum, a temple and a craftsmens’ quarter.


Hassan Mosque: You will see the towering 50-metre minaret of the Hassan Mosque from many components of the city. Each façade of the minaret is intricately patterned with distinctive motifs on every face.


Mausoleum of Mohammed V: The mausoleum used to be inaugurated in 1967. two Located contrary to the Hassan Mosque, it is one of the excellent monuments of modern-day Morocco. The deceased king lies in a white onyx tomb, surrounded with the aid of royal guards, while and thousands of Moroccans pay homage every day.


The Medina: This Medina was once created with the aid of Muslim Andalucian refugees from Badajoz, Spain. It was once genuinely the first “seed” of the town till the arrival of the French in 1912 who commenced developing the new town.


Archaeology Museum: Here you can discover a series of Roman bronze figures, courting from the first and 2nd centuries and recovered from Volubilis. Also, different artefacts from Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman settlements during Morocco are to be considered here. Open 9.00-11.30 and 2.30-5.30, closed Tuesdays.


Around Rabat


Volubilis:  Located between Rabat and Fez, it used to be constructed on a pinnacle of a preceding Carthaginian metropolis and dates returned to round the third century BC, is a centre of Roman administration in Africa. Volubilis was once inhabited till the 18th century when it was once carelessly demolished to supply constructing substances for the palaces of Moulay Ismail in Meknes. This intended a remarkable deal of Morocco’s Roman architectural heritage used to be lost. However, these days the ruins encompass some well-preserved columns, a basilica, a triumphal arch and about 30 excessive stunning mosaics.


Casablanca:  This is a huge, busy European fashion port town and has attracted tons of immigration from the Moroccan countryside. People are cutting-edge with the little signal of standard gown or modesty. The ancient city is small, however comparable to all the different bazaars located in Morocco. The mind-blowing Hassan ll Mosque is the third biggest non-secular monument in the world, with splendid views over the Atlantic Ocean.


Temara: Lies on the coast, some 13Km from Rabat. It is a favourite weekend spot for metropolis dwellers. Temara has a sandy beach, alongside with many hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, a zoo and different amusement services to entertain visitors.




Tangier used to be as soon as a playground for the prosperous and well-known looking for an elegant café lifestyle as nicely as a tax haven.  When Spain relinquished Tangier lower back to Morocco in 1960, its duty-free reputation went with it, alongside with the stylish crowd. The decayed grandeur of nowadays nonetheless has lots to provide and slowly Tangier is regaining its attractiveness as a pleasing visitor destination.


Grand Socco: Socco capacity Souk in Spanish and it is named so due to its Spanish heritage.  A Souk is a market to us and is a fascinating vicinity to watch passing Rif human beings in vibrant costumes promoting greens and sparkling mint. It starts at a busting rectangular, and the Medina is entered from the square, via a giant arched entrance.


American Legation Museum:  is positioned in the centre of the Medina. It is an American cultural centre, museum and convention venue, as nicely as a library. The museum is housed in the American Embassy, constructed in 1777 when Morocco grew to be the first strength to understand the USA as an impartial country!


Kasbah: dates lower back to the seventeenth century and it is fascinating to marvel via its little alleyways, patios and hidden terraces. The Kasbah Mosque boasts an uncommon octagonal minaret.


Sultan’s Gardens, Rue Riad Sultan, simply north of the Kasbah Mosque, are a satisfactory region to go to and watch the nearby craftsmen at work while sipping mint tea and taking part in views throughout the Straits of Gibraltar to Tarifa on the Spanish coast, solely 14.5 Km away.


Dar el Makhzen: This is a seventeenth-century palace containing and spectacular series of artwork from all areas of Morocco.


Forbes Museum:  This is placed in the Marshan Villa district, about 20 minutes stroll from the Medina. The museum is the former palace of United States mogul and media magnate, Malcolm Forbes. The residence is open to the public and homes Forbes’ series of 8,000 miniature soldiers!




Chefchaouen was once first settled by means of Spanish Muslim refugees in the middle-ages and has retained its exclusive Spanish character. It is simply an hour’s force from Tangier in the Rif mountains.


The Medina is lovely and bustling with craftsmen working diligently and tradesmen promoting the common fare of carpets, leather-based goods, pottery and copper utensils. The Great Mosque, in the centre of the medina dates to the seventeenth century, sits on a picturesque rectangular with eating places and cafes.




Located south of Tangier, Asilah is a very popular seaside resort, well-known for its close by Paradise Beach. Paradise Beach is a quick taxi or an enjoyable horse and cart journey from the village and is well-known for its huge expanse of unspoilt white, sandy beach.


Despite developing numbers of visitors, Asilah has retained its enjoyable atmosphere. Asilah is regarded as the Artists’ Village, and right here you can locate many domestically painted canvases adorning the souks of its fifteenth-century Medina. The city is small sufficient to discover on foot or via donkey cart and is famed for its gorgeous seafood restaurants.



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